Smarter Vision transforms
your industry through

Autonomous Driving

The biggest challenge for the future of automation lies in sensor technology, that can produce realtime and accurate 3D - information from the surrounding space. Being it Machine, Robot or a process, the starting point is to get real time information from the actual target. Ladimo Smarter Vision is something comparable to the human eye.

Transform your business through Ladimo Smarter Vision. We offer a real time 3D point cloud acquisition solution that transforms industries with its accuracy, affordability and computational efficiency.

100 fps (Hz)

Optical and geometrical
Quality Indexes

Accuracy combined with affordability

Realtime, accurate and affordable 3D sensor to allow automated solutions which have not been possible to conduct before Ladimo, saving time and resources also in a dangerous places where human access has been denied.


We’re happy to tell you more and present you the future of Smarter Vision.

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Chief Executive Officer
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Jorma Palmén
Chief Technology Officer
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