Smarter Vision transforms
your industry through

Autonomous Driving

The greatest challenge for the future of automation lies in the sensor technology that can produce real-time and accurate 3D information from the surrounding environment. That information is the starting point for many applications, be it machinery, robotics, AGV, assisted or autonomous driving, AR/VR, medical, or facial recognition. Ladimo Smarter Vision is something comparable to the human eye.

Transform your business through Ladimo Smarter Vision. We offer a real-time 3D point cloud acquisition solution that transforms industries with its accuracy, affordability and computational efficiency.

100 fps

3D points (x,y,z)
Quality indices

Accuracy combined with affordability

Our novel and groundbreaking technology provides the most accurate 3D vision in the world. We combine structured light technology (two patents pending) with mathematical modeling, using algorithms developed in-house. We combine two measurement methods to achieve superior data quality and measurement repeatability with optical and geometrical quality metrics. Ladimo technology is miniaturizable for integration into mobile applications and scalable up for measuring large structures from further distances.


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